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Founded in 2007, Centurion Fire Control has grown quickly, providing high quality service and value to our customers.

Our goal is to establish Centurion Fire Control as the fire control suppression service provider of choice in Southern Ontario.

If we discover conditions that do not meet the requirements of the Fire Code and/or NFPA standards, we will discuss these with you and not only show you the applicable references but also appropriate solutions.

We aim to make Centurion Fire Control your choice for the highest quality maintenance and service of –

    •  Portable Fire Extinquishers and Maintenance
    •  Emergency / Exit Lighting
    •  Kitchen Suppression Systems

All work is performed to current NFPA standards and always meets or exceeds the Provicial Fire Codes. Wherever possible all work is done at your site.

Regular contact with Fire Department officials who stimulate and move us to go beyond the "minimum" requirements.

We are successful if the FPO's enter a facility, see Centurion Fire Control tags, and have absolute confidence in the installation.

We have NFPA 10 certification - mandatory under the National Fire Code.

Dave Bell, Owner
8 Lincoln Avenue
Grimsby, Ontario
L3M 1Y4
Tel: +1 (289) 442 7788


Our custom Centurion Trailer enable us to perform all services at the customer's site.